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The recent suicide of Australian media personality Charlotte Dawson is a timely reminder of how unhealthy thoughts can literally kill you.

Dawson suffered from depression – a spiral of negative thoughts that create a bleak and hopeless outlook on life.

Her condition worsened, it is alleged, after she was bullied by Twitter trolls.

Dawson could have terminated her Twitter account and avoided the anonymous bullies.

Instead, she chose to respond to these troll attacks in kind.

This  got her nowhere of course and merely served to reinforce her negative mindset.

I feel sorry for Dawson and wonder if she could have had a much happier life if she had tried to rewire her brain.

The brain, as neurologists have discovered, is malleable. They have also found that the brain creates our sense of self by a series of chemical reactions.

We are, in essence, a construct of our brain.

This means that our sense of self is an illusion and our response to reality can be changed to suit our needs.

Therefore, we can choose to ignore negative and unhelpful thoughts and replace them with more positive and life enhancing ones.

It takes 21 days to rewire our brains. In less than a month you can alter your perception of reality to create a positive outlook on life.

And it works.

I recommend the following video on happiness as a means to banish negative thoughts forever.



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