Koch Brothers war on climate science documentary

The following is a press release by The Real News Network about their new documentary on the Koch brothers’ war on climate science.

The Real News Network’s 30-minute documentary, “The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Brothers’ War on Climate Science”, reveals how Big Oil–particularly, the billionaire oil tycoons Charles and David Koch–have…

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Belinda Carlisle's advice to ageing singers

Belinda Carlisle’s advice to ageing singers

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Remember Belinda Carlisle? She was a 1980s pop star, lead singer of all-girl band The Go-Go’s and a successful solo artist.

The Go-Go’s entered the pop charts back in 1981 with “Our Lips are Sealed,” and were hailed as the first female group to write songs and play their own instruments….

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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This message has been posted on behalf of genomix.co
What is Breast Cancer?
Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and is the second leading cause of cancer death.

Cancer is a disease of the genome. It’s caused by accumulation of mutations in genes that are critical to the control of cell growth…

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Facebook’s reincarnated soldiers

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A few years ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about having been a World War One wire cutter on the Western Front.

To be fair, I do have an insatiable fascination for trench warfare and consume books, articles and movies on the topic. I imagine how a soldier, stuck in the equivalent of hell on…

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The Charisma Challenge

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Inspired by Claire Bell’s article on charisma, I decided to undergo the charisma challenge.
I borrowed The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane from the library and recruited several work colleagues.
The challenge was to practice a charisma exercise each week and compare results.
After a month we found the following things:
Colleague 1: More people smiled at…

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The industrial food machine strikes back

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Recently, I opened a small pot of Jalna Yoghurt and found a white object poking out of the tub.

I assumed part of the yoghurt had frozen as the refrigerator regulator is often knocked onto the cold setting.

However, on closer inspection, the object was a big clump of plastic.

I washed the yoghurt off to glimpse the plastic lump.  It…

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Why schools have lost the plot

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As a teacher I’m often dismayed by the complex curriculum delivered to high school students. The expectation for adolescents — required to understand and adhere to standards more suited to first year university students — is ridiculous.
Words like meta-cognition, conceptualise, plurality, multi-model and etymology are bandied about on worksheets for 13-year-olds. I have…

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How I (almost) learned to pick locks from my Year 8 students

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Recently, I supervised an IT class where the students (all girls) were studying robotics.

Unfortunately, the robots were locked in a cupboard.

My set of keys did not fit the lock, nor did those of another staff member. I concluded the cupboard could not be opened and the class would have to do…

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