How to be an oxytocin love rat

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It’s 12.25pm and I’ve given two hugs today. Three if I count my dog.

I need to give five more.

This is because hugging floods me with oxytocin.

And if I hug you — or your dog — it will boost your oxytocin too.

Your health will improve. Your mood will improve.

I know this because Dr Paul…

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Harrison Ford’s expert guide to avoiding career suicide

In a recent interview, Ford acknowledged that his long and successful acting career began with Han Solo, the space mercenary in Star Wars, and that  “I was basically not out of work again for about 40 years.”
Yet he wasn’t always so happy to be associated with the character.
In fact, he became…

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Eric Bana: Is it time to come home?

Eric Bana: Is it time to come home?

Dear Eric Bana,
A lot of Australian actors are doing well in Hollywood.
Sadly, you’re not one of them.
You could blame agents, co-stars, directors, scripts and publicists for your fate.
Or you could face an inconvenient truth: no-one likes your movies.
If you don’t believe me, check out Rotten Tomatoes.
Tomatometer Rankings:
Troy 54%
Closed Circuit 43%
The Time Traveler’s Wife 38%
Deadfall 32%
Lucky You…

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How yoga can save you from looking like Quasimodo

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Yoga is the best all-round movement that resists gravity and helps prevent or heal most age-associated degenerative conditions.
                       ~ Dr Joan Vernikos, former NASA life scientist
Years ago, I saw an old woman at the supermarket who stooped so badly she could hardly see where she was going.

It looked painful.


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Taylor Kitsch: What happened to your career?

Taylor Kitsch, what happened to your career? I’m disappointed.

You’ve failed to make the Hollywood A list.

You’re an attractive man and have that sullen, sensitive thing going that makes most women (and some men) swoon.

But you’ve made some bad choices and risk sliding from B list to C list and downhill from there.


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Deborra Lee-Furness: What's your secret with Hugh Jackman?

Deborra Lee-Furness: What’s your secret with Hugh Jackman?

Deborra Lee-Furness, what’s your secret with Hugh Jackman?
Most women have a hard time keeping hold of their famous husbands. The A-list actor and all round nice guy must attract every other actress, model and human being on the planet. With all that competition, what is it that keeps Hugh besotted?
Hillary Clinton said her husband…

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If your career’s going nowhere, Ben Mendelsohn, Noah Taylor and Kick Gurry will give you hope

Careers are temperamental things.
Ambition can easily turn to apathy when a promotion never eventuates, a pay rise is quickly spent, a co-worker gets all the credit, or you’re mired in routine.
The best option is to change course and try again. Until the same thing happens and your career once again hits the skids.

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How to be as nice as Hugh Jackman

How to be as nice as Hugh Jackman

I have a colleague who teaches drama. She studied musical theater with Hugh Jackman at WAAPA and once went out to dinner with him.

She tells her students about this so often that they roll their eyes and play with their phones whenever she brings it up.

(I have another story, one about Russell…

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What I learned from Drew Barrymore

What I learned from Drew Barrymore

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Drew Barrymore said something so insightful that it resonated with me immediately.

She said that a simple feel good rom-com like Never been kissed, in which she starred and produced, was a successful film because:

She added that you can strive to be profound, but in the end it’s the simplest things…

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Why there’s nothing to hate about Jennifer Jason Leigh at 53

It seems like only yesterday that Jennifer Jason Leigh played 15-year-old Stacy Hamilton in the early 80s classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Leigh was 19 but had such a youthful face she was cast as a much younger teen.

Yet, despite consistent and acclaimed movie performances she never catapulted into the A-list stratosphere. Then in the…

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How Carrie Fisher can body shame Hollywood

Dear Carrie,

Recently, I  wrote an article that expressed my concerns about the facelift/botox/rhinoplasty/lipsuction or whatever it was you used to hide the aging process in The Force Awakens.

Was I wrong to be concerned?

Perhaps it’s the Force that keeps you looking so young. But why does Mark Hamil look his age?…

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Yoda’s Top 5 casting tips for believable mid-life women in Star Wars 8

In a post that’s gone viral, Sue Bell ponders the youthfulness of Carrie Fisher’s face in The Force Awakens and wonders why aging is such a scary on-screen prospect. And we all know it’s an aging woman that scares us the most.

So Disney, be a good sport and let Carrie…

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The Force awakens but what happened to Carrie Fisher’s face?

Like most people on the planet I’ve just seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Thankfully, it’s much better than the prequels and in the hands of accomplished director J.J. Abrams, it sticks to the humor and lightheartedness of the original Star Wars trilogy.
Prior to its release, much of the publicity focused on…

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Are Sam and The Womp Deelite reincarnated?
I’ve been writing about reincarnated celebrities  for years now.
Celebrity reincarnation occurs when an actor/actress follows the same career trajectory as a former, usually dead, celebrity.
However, ideas, actions, fashion, politicians, songs, books and just about anything else — including music video clips — can reincarnate.

Music video reincarnation
Sam and The Womp is a…

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Save the lobsters

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Earlier this year I wrote about LaPoinya and logging in Tasmania’s old growth forests.

Many months later, the fight to save this ecologically vulnerable area continues.

This video explores the life cycle of the fresh water lobster and why logging in LaPoinya poses a threat to their survival.

Related post:
Lapoinya’s secret weapon in the fight to…

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Bay of Fires: Tasmania’s stunning natural wonder

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I’ve just returned from camping at Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s East Coast.

The camp is one of the annual, end-of-year activities for Year 9 students. The last Year 9 camp I attended was Maria Island where the teenagers were nearly as feral as the island’s Tassie Devils.

This camp was different.

The students were less…

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Does Rupert move like Jagger?
I was horrified to hear that Jerry Hall is engaged to Rupert Murdoch.
Why would a gorgeous 59-year-old former supermodel and ex-wife of Mick Jagger want to date an old man of 84?
Has she not read Hack Attack?

Hack Attack is journalist Nick Davis’ expose of the illegal phone hacking scandal within the…

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Why you must attend the next self-publishing workshop at MONA

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Recently, the wonderful MONA gallery played host to TasRes and an assortment of visual artists and writers at a weekend-long workshop for self-publishers.

The focus was on software training for writers and artists keen to improve their technology skills.

Ensure your book is proof read

The weekend kicked off with artist Julianne Clifford delivering a grammar…

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Print-on-demand and eBooks

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eBook readers been around for a while on various devices and platforms.

eBooks are easy to publish and distribute but now, with print-on-demand, paperback books are also an option.

In the past, self-published authors took their manuscript to a printer. Generally a minimum print run was around 50 to 100 books. Some of these could be…

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More Memes

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I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been making memes.

And lately, with the Australian political landscape in turmoil, it is easier than ever to make a meme.

If you’re not Australian – and lets face it – most people aren’t (there are only 23 million of us) then you’ve probably never…

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