Midlife unemployment

A rapidly growing demographic is the high number of unemployed midlife women.

Elizabeth White describes the grim prospects for those without a job and some possible solutions.


Facebook’s reincarnated soldiers

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A few years ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about having been a World War One wire cutter on the Western Front.

To be fair, I do have an insatiable fascination for trench warfare and consume books, articles and movies on the topic. I imagine how a soldier, stuck in the equivalent of hell on…

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How I (almost) learned to pick locks from my Year 8 students

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Recently, I supervised an IT class where the students (all girls) were studying robotics.

Unfortunately, the robots were locked in a cupboard.

My set of keys did not fit the lock, nor did those of another staff member. I concluded the cupboard could not be opened and the class would have to do…

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Is Airforce One set to be the new Trump Shuttle?

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In the late 80s and early 90s Donald Trump, entrepreneur, media star and now presidential candidate, had his own airline. It was called the Trump Shuttle and flew between New York, Boston and Washington.

At the time, Trump dominated the American landscape. He even had his own building, The Trump Tower, and naturally wanted his…

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Harrison Ford’s expert guide to avoiding career suicide

In a recent interview, Ford acknowledged that his long and successful acting career began with Han Solo, the space mercenary in Star Wars, and that  “I was basically not out of work again for about 40 years.”
Yet he wasn’t always so happy to be associated with the character.
In fact, he became…

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Eric Bana: Is it time to come home?

Eric Bana: Is it time to come home?

Dear Eric Bana,
A lot of Australian actors are doing well in Hollywood.
Sadly, you’re not one of them.
You could blame agents, co-stars, directors, scripts and publicists for your fate.
Or you could face an inconvenient truth: no-one likes your movies.
If you don’t believe me, check out Rotten Tomatoes.
Tomatometer Rankings:
Troy 54%
Closed Circuit 43%
The Time Traveler’s Wife 38%
Deadfall 32%
Lucky You…

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If your career’s going nowhere, Ben Mendelsohn, Noah Taylor and Kick Gurry will give you hope

Careers are temperamental things.
Ambition can easily turn to apathy when a promotion never eventuates, a pay rise is quickly spent, a co-worker gets all the credit, or you’re mired in routine.
The best option is to change course and try again. Until the same thing happens and your career once again hits the skids.

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Lapoinya’s secret weapon in the fight to save Tasmania’s old-growth forests


“Where’s the hope?” my friend Dave asks as we drive through plantations of recently felled trees. Piles of twisted branches lie scattered across hectares of landscape; a mass grave of rotting wood.

Hope is quickly fading for Tasmania’s old-growth forests. Until recently, logging was a dying industry, facing extinction like the Tasmanian…

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