Yes, people over 30 can learn to be tech-savvy

Recently, I wrote about the Technology Myth and the common misconception that people under 30 are somehow more adept at using technology than older generations.

This myth is pervasive, but it’s wrong.

This is because research proves that learning technology requires adequate tuition whatever your age.

This is great news for all those mature people — especially…

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VAIO laptops are the Warrior Woman’s best friend

I fell in love with the VAIO as soon as I saw it.

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An Apple a day keeps the customer, hooray!

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I needed to escape like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible before being cornered.

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Five ways to stop your kid becoming an iPad zombie

I read an article in The Telegraph yesterday that made The Walking Dead look like a documentary.

British parents are paying tens of thousands of dollars for their pre-schoolers to attend a 28-day digital detox program. Yes, that’s right. These toddlers have a technology habit so bad that they throw crazy…

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Wanted: Google cafe manager (must be genius)

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In a previous post I lambasted the pretentious language of job advertisements – especially the ridiculous  blurbs from technology companies.

This week’s doozy is from Google, a corpulent company whose slogan ‘Do no evil’ is surely something Aslan would say over tea and scones before a Narnian battle.

Google is advertising for a Food Experience Design Manager. In layman’s terms, this means it wants…

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Everybody must learn code — stoned or not

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‘Everybody must get stoned’, Bob Dylan warbled to a 1960s generation who wanted to ‘turn on, tune in and drop out’. Fast forward two generations and the mantra chanted by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Clinton and even Ashton Kutcher is ‘everybody must learn code.’

Celebrity testimonials promote code to the masses on YouTube and, — a  code-learning…

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How to become a midlife computer geek in ten easy steps

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This article will help all those people over the age of 35 (and technically middle aged) who yearn to be computer geeks but who think:

they are too old.
they are too dumb.
they don’t have enough time.
computers hate them.

First, let me be clear about the last thought: COMPUTERS DO NOT HATE…

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Anonymous Inc.

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I want to join Anonymous.  I don’t mean anonymous as in women who’ve reached the disappearing age of 45+.

I mean Anonymous, the technology hackers to whom the media collectively refer to as “subversive”.

Imagine being a subversive like Julian Assange (who is, of course, no longer anonymous) with a collection of technology tricks…

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