How to be an oxytocin love rat

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It’s 12.25pm and I’ve given two hugs today. Three if I count my dog.

I need to give five more.

This is because hugging floods me with oxytocin.

And if I hug you — or your dog — it will boost your oxytocin too.

Your health will improve. Your mood will improve.

I know this because Dr Paul…

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Deborra Lee-Furness: What's your secret with Hugh Jackman?

Deborra Lee-Furness: What’s your secret with Hugh Jackman?

Deborra Lee-Furness, what’s your secret with Hugh Jackman?
Most women have a hard time keeping hold of their famous husbands. The A-list actor and all round nice guy must attract every other actress, model and human being on the planet. With all that competition, what is it that keeps Hugh besotted?
Hillary Clinton said her husband…

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The Romantic

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The Romantic is a woman in search of a soul mate. She longs for someone with whom she can wholeheartedly share a deep psychological and spiritual bond.

The Romantic looks hopefully and tirelessly for that special  person who will provide the basis for a committed, life-long partnership.

The Romantic’s quest for this special person means they either work to…

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divorced couple

Your celebrity guide to spotting doomed relationships – especially yours

Celebrity couplings are the staple of gossip magazines. It’s easy to dismiss them as fluff and prattle, but they can actually teach us a thing or two about relationships. Be warned: if at any stage you recognise your partner in any of these examples, then your relationship is in serious trouble.

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke:…

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A Midlife Apple Romance

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I’ve started a new love affair. Just like the old fortune-teller in Vietnam predicted.

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Johnny Depp’s reincarnated romance

I was sad to read of the split between Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis after a 14 year stint and 2 children together. Shortly after the split Johnny was seen with Amber Heard, his co-star in The Rum Diaries. Curiously, Amber looks identical to Sherilyn Fenn, Depp’s ex-fiancée from the 1980s.


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Jurassic Romance Rekindled

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In the movie Jurassic Park, dinosaurs are resurrected by extracting DNA from a preserved insect.

The project mastermind, John Hammond, invites several scientists to tour the remote island where the dinosaurs roam. Delighted by the wonders of technology, Hammond expects his guests to be equally awed and excited. However, fearing the consequences…

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Midlife Romance – The Second Time Around

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Recently I had my palm read by a fortune teller.

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