Neurotica: Back to the Pliocene

I’d never heard of the Pliocene Epoch until a few days ago. Now I’m an expert.

This is because I need to prepare for new environmental conditions.

Here’s why: An observatory in Hawaii recently measured atmospheric carbon dioxide at 400 parts per million (ppm). We have to go back three million years to find…

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homing pigeon

Neurotica: Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone

I know many people appreciate the telephone. I am not one of those people.

When my telephone rings, I panic. This may have something to do with my thought processes.

Here is what I think:

Who’s dead?

What does this person want?


What the hell is any of it to do with me anyway?

The telephone is…

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Check out our eBook store

Nobody loves a good eBook more than our Midlifexpress team. We love them even more when they’re written by our resident alchemist Robert Gosstray, our health and wellbeing editor, Claire Bell and our seasoned computer geek, Sue Bell.

That’s right, Midlifexpress has taken popular posts, new content and non-fiction books and published them as print-on-demand and eBooks.

We have a series…

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Yuletide hiatus

Dear Readers,

Postings will be sparse over the coming week whilst we partake of yuletide comestibles and the largesse of family and friends.

Many thanks to our wonderful writers including Merridy Pugh, Robert Gosstray and Carole Fogarty.

Until we regale you with our edifying missives once again, may your Christmas be peppy and…

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When Apple meets Vulcan

For those of you who use LinkedIn and subscribe to groups, you might have the occasional job advertisement landing in your email. Generally, the advertisements target your skills and expertise but some inevitably go astray.
This one’s for a Content Production Manager at Apple and, although it’s in  English, much of the language is barely comprehensible (and…

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Bear in Mind

What would we insomniacs do without the overnight BBC World service? Where else could we find such a spectrum of novelties in the dead of night?

Feisty presenters, ever tolerant of those who teeter on the wild side, take us through the dark hours with humour and aplomb. A good sense…

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Midlife Women, Grab a Chair and Blossom

The culture of fear, promoted by so many ‘experts’, is growing. This big, bad world, is not always so bad.

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Interview with Sue Bell about Ebooks

Here is an interview I did with The Advocate newspaper in Tasmania. The interview was about the process of writing and publishing a book to the Amazon Kindle store.

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