A pharmacist’s last apology to humanity

After 50 years of drug dealing, I hereby apologise for causing untold damage to humans.

It was inadvertent, all very scientific and ethical (almost), with doctors prescribing and me dispensing. This was at the behest of multi-national drug conglomerates who coerced, bribed and funded doctors to embark on overseas fact-finding expeditions.


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The great Tamiflu hoax

Every year as winter approaches, we have scare stories in the media about how damaging influenza will be.

In summer, the same scare stories are all about the bushfire risk.

I suspect that Roche, the makers of Tamiflu, have some part in the scare-mongering. Tamiflu — and an injection made by CSL in Australia — are the…

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Our planet’s Omega Man moment


Years ago, my three young cousins and I watched Charlton Heston (the greatest ham actor of all), play the last man alive in the B-grade movie classic The Omega Man.

Charlton — or Charlie as we call him — spent his days driving through a deserted Los Angeles, shooting at anything that moved, playing chess with…

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Cholesterol is not your enemy

The latest news from America and Europe is that high cholesterol readings are not that important.

Trans-fats and sugar do more damage, particularly in young people. So an extremely conservative medical system here in Australia, allied with advertising for junk food and sugar-laden products aimed at the young, is doing great…

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Why drugs are not the answer to treating mental illness

My career in pharmacy treating so-called mental illness began with me dishing out large quantities of tri-cyclic tranquillisers.

These never achieved tranquillity, but they dulled a patient’s brain so they were more easily managed by doctors, society and families. Among the many side-effects of these tranquillisers was weight-gain, so we suddenly had an epidemic…

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The Pharmacist’s Secrets: Drugs, lies and money

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Robert Gosstray, Midlifexpress’s chief health writer, has a new book available on Kindle.

The Pharmacist’s Secrets: Drugs, lies and money is a collection of his best articles that you can now download as an eBook quickly and easily.

You don’t even need a Kindle. Simply download the app here and then enjoy Robert’s critiques on everything from Big…

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A holistic health system is the way forward

The more Big Pharma’s drug researchers concentrate on changing every natural system in the human body, the more convinced I become of holistic medicine’s many benefits.

Ultimately, drug companies prey on our fear of growing old and tell us that, with a little help from them, we can stay healthy forever.

They have tampered with brain chemistry, gut…

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Great healers are born healers

Great healers are born, not made.

Years ago, Bill Mitchell worked for the South Melbourne Football Club  (spuriously converted to the Sydney Swans so the AFL could sell TV rights).

Bill would charge five shillings for each player treated and then donate the money to a Christian charity. He treated all VFL players…

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