Breast Cancer Awareness

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What is Breast Cancer?
Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and is the second leading cause of cancer death.

Cancer is a disease of the genome. It’s caused by accumulation of mutations in genes that are critical to the control of cell growth…

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The industrial food machine strikes back

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Recently, I opened a small pot of Jalna Yoghurt and found a white object poking out of the tub.

I assumed part of the yoghurt had frozen as the refrigerator regulator is often knocked onto the cold setting.

However, on closer inspection, the object was a big clump of plastic.

I washed the yoghurt off to glimpse the plastic lump.  It…

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Why this pharmacist is as mad as hell and why you should be too

Three things from the medical establishment made me as mad as hell this week.

First up is the fascinating new syndrome called Diagnosis Creep.

Like tax creep (where we all pay except for the very rich), it is designed to make us all feel ill.

Years ago, It was the job of GPs…

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The sit down/stand back up longevity test that will surprise you

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The yogis say there’s nothing wrong with death and that it’s part of life.

Which is fine, of course, until it’s your turn.

And maybe that’s why yogis invented yoga in the first place — to stave off death for as long as possible and make the rest of us look like…

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How yoga can save you from looking like Quasimodo

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Yoga is the best all-round movement that resists gravity and helps prevent or heal most age-associated degenerative conditions.
                       ~ Dr Joan Vernikos, former NASA life scientist
Years ago, I saw an old woman at the supermarket who stooped so badly she could hardly see where she was going.

It looked painful.


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A pharmacist’s last apology to humanity

After 50 years of drug dealing, I hereby apologise for causing untold damage to humans.

It was inadvertent, all very scientific and ethical (almost), with doctors prescribing and me dispensing. This was at the behest of multi-national drug conglomerates who coerced, bribed and funded doctors to embark on overseas fact-finding expeditions.


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The great Tamiflu hoax

Every year as winter approaches, we have scare stories in the media about how damaging influenza will be.

In summer, the same scare stories are all about the bushfire risk.

I suspect that Roche, the makers of Tamiflu, have some part in the scare-mongering. Tamiflu — and an injection made by CSL in Australia — are the…

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Our planet’s Omega Man moment

Years ago, my three young cousins and I watched Charlton Heston (the greatest ham actor of all), play the last man alive in the B-grade movie classic The Omega Man.

Charlton — or Charlie as we call him — spent his days driving through a deserted Los Angeles, shooting at anything that moved, playing chess with…

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Cholesterol is not your enemy

The latest news from America and Europe is that high cholesterol readings are not that important.

Trans-fats and sugar do more damage, particularly in young people. So an extremely conservative medical system here in Australia, allied with advertising for junk food and sugar-laden products aimed at the young, is doing great…

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Why drugs are not the answer to treating mental illness

My career in pharmacy treating so-called mental illness began with me dishing out large quantities of tri-cyclic tranquillisers.

These never achieved tranquillity, but they dulled a patient’s brain so they were more easily managed by doctors, society and families. Among the many side-effects of these tranquillisers was weight-gain, so we suddenly had an epidemic…

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The Pharmacist’s Secrets: Drugs, lies and money

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Robert Gosstray, Midlifexpress’s chief health writer, has a new book available on Kindle.

The Pharmacist’s Secrets: Drugs, lies and money is a collection of his best articles that you can now download as an eBook quickly and easily.

You don’t even need a Kindle. Simply download the app here and then enjoy Robert’s critiques on everything from Big…

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A holistic health system is the way forward

The more Big Pharma’s drug researchers concentrate on changing every natural system in the human body, the more convinced I become of holistic medicine’s many benefits.

Ultimately, drug companies prey on our fear of growing old and tell us that, with a little help from them, we can stay healthy forever.

They have tampered with brain chemistry, gut…

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Great healers are born healers

Great healers are born, not made.

Years ago, Bill Mitchell worked for the South Melbourne Football Club  (spuriously converted to the Sydney Swans so the AFL could sell TV rights).

Bill would charge five shillings for each player treated and then donate the money to a Christian charity. He treated all VFL players…

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Why we need more sunshine in our lives

Since prehistoric times, we’ve grown and developed with the sun. Now, in a vain attempt to counter the increased risk of skin cancers  — particularly melanoma — we are depriving our children of all contact with the sun. Kids in schools are covered head to toe with clothing at all times, and…

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Why our food is making us sick

A big reason many of us are so sick is the purity of our food.

That is, most foods we eat these days are too pure.

A diet of sea salt or rock salt has many trace elements, but purified salt (pure Sodium Chloride) may contribute to high blood pressure and kidney failure.

Fats and sugars are also…

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Human health sniffles towards Bethlehem

As human health worsens in all directions, our answer is to spend billions of dollars on cures for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autism and ADHD,  the last two of which are now epidemics in the young.

Modern drug treatment is a (very) expensive sham. Our aim should be prevention of illness…

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Free interactive recipe book


We’ve collected some of our favourite treats and combined them into a Midlifexpress Interactive Recipe Book

Included is a selection of vegetarian meals, sweets and drinks.

Please note: For best results please view in Adobe Acrobat Reader as the book has interactive elements that may not work in other readers.

Why Pilates can also be Yoga

Pilates is Yoga. And so is washing the dishes and taking out the rubbish. And sitting in a yoga class with your legs wrapped around your ears.

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Why cannabis should be used in cancer treatment

Robert Gosstray discusses the benefits of using cannabis rather than expensive drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies in the treatment of cancer.

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Why the diet industry is a big fat rip-off

We are genetically programmed to be of certain shape.

Big, small, large bones, small bones, fat, chunky, lumpy, obese, skinny, slender or skeletal and from birth it depends on how much junk food and sugary drinks it takes to get an individual fat.

The fattest people are now in America, followed closely by Australia (as…

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