3 steps to self-publishing success

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I run workshops on how to self-publish.

At every workshop, usually within the first ten minutes, I’m asked this question: If everyone self-publishes, then won’t readers be swamped with crap?

I respond by asking all those in attendance if they’ve ever read a bad book.

Everyone nods.

I then point out that it’s traditional publishers like Penguin, Random House and Harper…

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Free interactive recipe book


We’ve collected some of our favourite treats and combined them into a Midlifexpress Interactive Recipe Book

Included is a selection of vegetarian meals, sweets and drinks.

Please note: For best results please view in Adobe Acrobat Reader as the book has interactive elements that may not work in other readers.

Yes, people over 30 can learn to be tech-savvy

Recently, I wrote about the Technology Myth and the common misconception that people under 30 are somehow more adept at using technology than older generations.

This myth is pervasive, but it’s wrong.

This is because research proves that learning technology requires adequate tuition whatever your age.

This is great news for all those mature people — especially…

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