Neuromarketing: How advertisers fool your brain

What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing uses the latest neuroscience discoveries to set prices the brain likes and to design advertisements. products, and retail environments that maximally appeal to our senses and emotions.

How does it work?

Neuromarketing targets the subconscious brain.

The subconscious is a somewhat mysterious part of the brain that influences our attitudes,…

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What’s popular on Midlifexpress?

Taylor Kitsch is very popular on Midlifexpress this week.
Taylor Kitsch: What happened to your career? asks why the actor, despite his smouldering good looks and ripped physique, is unable to crack the Hollywood A list.
A follow up story comparing Taylor’s movie choices and Eric Bana’s woeful string of flops, also…

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Pennywise vs The Joker for best killer clown

Coulrophobia is an irrational fear of clowns.

With the release of IT Chapter 2 and The Joker over the past few weeks it is not hard to see why some people really hate clowns.


The best breakup songs: Abba vs Fleetwood Mac

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You’d think pop darlings ABBA would have little in common with American rockers Fleetwood Mac.

Abba was a four-piece Swedish pop sensation that featured two stunning women on lead vocals and their songwriting husbands who played all the instruments. They split in 1982.

Fleetwood Mac, on the other hand, is a five-piece…

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The 1990s on high rotation

The 1990s on high rotation

In the early 90s I worked at Music Television (MTV) in London. 
We had huge televisions bolted above our desks that screened music videos all day, every day.
Office work is dull and one would expect music videos to offer some relief from the tedium.
But not these videos. 
They were selected for high rotation…

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Voltaire salutes you, Pamela Anderson

Voltaire salutes you, Pamela Anderson

Dear Pamela Anderson,

The French writer Voltaire once noted that “A woman cultivates her mind when her beauty fades.”

This might be sexist but remember Voltaire lived before the French Revolution when women lacked education and all they had was their beauty.

Luckily for us though, Pam, times have changed and Western women…

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The Marcus Aurelius guide to success

The Marcus Aurelius guide to success

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Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor.

If you’ve seen the film Gladiator, you might remember Aurelius (Richard Harris) discussing battle plans with his general, Maximus (Russell Crowe) and his son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) during their campaign in Germany.

Ironically, while Aurelius is celebrated as one of the five best Emperors, his sociopathic…

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Eric Kripke: Are you the next Joss Whedon?

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Eric Kripke, could you be the next Joss Whedon?

Your career is unfolding like his and you’re soon to be  a household name.

You began with Supernatural (now in its final season.) and, just like Whedon’s  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you brought a refreshingly humorous approach to the tired genre.

Supernatural blurs the distinction between…

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