The five best Marvel movies for women

The five best Marvel movies for women the demographic for superhero movies were young men and boys. However, in recent years Marvel’s well-acted, expertly directed and engaging scripts have broadened the fan-base to include women of all ages.So here are my top picks for five of the best Marvel movies for women.

Thor RagnarokChris Hemsworth plays Thor, a…

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U2 vs ACDC for best video involving unusual transportation

U2 vs ACDC for best video involving unusual transportation

U2 and ACDC might both be rock bands, but their music is vastly different.

ACDC are quintessential rock ‘n’ rollers whereas U2 are pop rockers. But that’s not their only difference.

ACDC are notorious for their hard-living lifestyles in the 70s and 80s, while U2 are more associated with philanthropic pursuits such as ending world hunger.

Yet these two seemingly dissimilar bands have more in common than one might suspect.

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Don’t upset your colleagues – your career depends on it.

If you’ve every fallen out with your colleagues then spare a thought for these celebrities.

You think you work hard? Try being Dwayne Johnson for a day

You think you work hard? Try being Dwayne Johnson for a day

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is a phenomenally popular celebrity.
He is legendary for his strong work ethic, impressive physique, and infectious charisma.
He is also the highest paid actor in Hollywood.
Much like his strapping superstar predecessor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne’s career began as an athlete with a penchant for lycra.
This exceptionally elastic…

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Keanu Reeves: How come you never look any older?

I want to know your secret.
Why haven’t you aged one little bit?
How can a 54-year-old man show no signs of wrinkles, sagging skin or a pot belly? Even Brad Pitt (54) looks like an old man compared to you.
You haven’t aged a day since you played a troubled teen–even though you were really…

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Elizabeth Hurley vs Versace

Elizabeth Hurley says she’s never been taken seriously as an actress.

The reason for this, she believes, is a Versace dress.

The dress first appeared in 1993 at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral. At the time, she was Hugh Grant’s girlfriend so naturally she accompanied him.

The press salivated as Hurley threatened…

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Why Knock Knock is so much better than Trainspotting 2

I never thought a film where Keanu Reeves is tortured by two female sociopaths would be more interesting than the lives of Edinburgh junkies.
I was wrong.
Knock Knock is far superior to Trainspotting 2. Yes, I know they are completely different genres, but as far as being gripping and entertaining, Knock Knock delivers on…

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Great Scott, Ridley, you’ve lost the plot


This article contains SPOILERS, so if you have yet to see Alien:Covenant and intend to see it, then stop reading now.

In space, no one can hear you scream, but they sure can in the cinema.

And screaming is exactly what I felt like doing after sitting through Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott’s…

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