Eight jobs you probably never heard of

As employers continue to automate and outsource jobs, here are eight currently emerging fields that you’ve probably never heard of.

12 Supertrends heading your way

12 Supertrends heading your way

Technological change is happening so fast that trends are now supertrends.

These powerful supertrends are important because they are crucial to understanding what people want.

One major supertrend is the shift from an ownership society to an accessibility society.

Consider this:

Uber, a peer-to-peer ride-sharing company, owns no carsSocial media giants Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,…

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Extended reality

Extended reality

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

We all know technology isn’t magic but tell that to our pre-industrial ancestors, especially when it comes to the marvel of Extended Reality. 

This deceptively bland moniker offers a startling array of experiences that will affect our lives in all kinds…

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12 jobs facing automation

12 jobs facing automation

If you’re wondering whether you will soon be replaced by robots then consider the following professions.

Here are 12 jobs that are predicted to be automated in the very near future.

If you are on this list then it might be a good time to reasses your skillset and consider freelancing. 


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What happens when a whole country embraces digital disruption?

What happens when a whole country embraces digital disruption?

What happens when business or, in this case, an entire country embraces digital disruption?

We get e-Estonia, a small country that sits on the edge of the Baltic Sea.


Since 2015, anyone in the world can apply to be an Estonian e-citizen even if they don’t live there. All they need to…

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14 Core Future Capability Skills

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According to the latest research, the following 14 skills are considered the most important non-technical attributes, with the exception of new media, required in the future workforce.


For more information about training, education and preferred skill sets for employment in the future workforce you can read more at: The Institute for…

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Get ready for the supermind: a new collective intelligence

Robots are certainly replacing us in many routine and predictable jobs as well as in the professions and the creative arts.

There’s another scenario unfolding, however, that suggests a far more interesting and positive future, a future where robots need us as much as we need them. It is digital disruption…

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Eight emerging technologies for future work

There is no doubt the future of work will change, particularly with emergent technologies.
Here are eight that are making an impact.

For more information involving future work skills and education and training go to: The Institute of Working Futures

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