Gwyneth Paltrow: When did you get so annoying?

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Some things defy explanation.

For example, deep in the ocean where light never penetrates reside fish whose mating opportunities are so rare that the males must spend their lives stuck to their female counterpart’s face.

And that anything a duckling meets in the first 10 minutes of its life becomes its parent.


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How to re-purpose a leather jacket: sustainable creativity in action

How to re-purpose a leather jacket: sustainable creativity in action

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Unfortunately, we live in a throwaway society coupled with a world of dwindling natural resources where the only growing ‘resource’ is landfill!

Leather is an example of a valuable natural resource that humans have used in its various forms throughout time.

Today, it is more useful than ever and is…

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Why authors need a social media profile

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Recently I ran a workshop for writers on creating a digital author profile.

The workshop included social media strategies to improve your online presence.

Essentially, the more unique and visible your online presence the more likely it will attract followers.

And if you are writer, particularly a self published one, attracting followers is essential.


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Are Sam and The Womp Deelite reincarnated?
I’ve been writing about reincarnated celebrities  for years now.
Celebrity reincarnation occurs when an actor/actress follows the same career trajectory as a former, usually dead, celebrity.
However, ideas, actions, fashion, politicians, songs, books and just about anything else — including music video clips — can reincarnate.

Music video reincarnation
Sam and The Womp is a…

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Why you must attend the next self-publishing workshop at MONA

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Recently, the wonderful MONA gallery played host to TasRes and an assortment of visual artists and writers at a weekend-long workshop for self-publishers.

The focus was on software training for writers and artists keen to improve their technology skills.

Ensure your book is proof read

The weekend kicked off with artist Julianne Clifford delivering a grammar…

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Print-on-demand and eBooks

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eBook readers been around for a while on various devices and platforms.

eBooks are easy to publish and distribute but now, with print-on-demand, paperback books are also an option.

In the past, self-published authors took their manuscript to a printer. Generally a minimum print run was around 50 to 100 books. Some of these could be…

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More Memes

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I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been making memes.

And lately, with the Australian political landscape in turmoil, it is easier than ever to make a meme.

If you’re not Australian – and lets face it – most people aren’t (there are only 23 million of us) then you’ve probably never…

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Memorable memes

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Lately I’ve been making memes.

The internet is rife with memes because they are generally topical and humorous.

Memes capture the absurdity of life.

I think everyone should make at least one meme. It’s like being a political cartoonist without having to draw anything.

All you need is Photoshop or some other image program, something to…

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Why authors should create their own book covers

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You’ve written your story, it’s been through endless drafts, edited and perfectly polished. It’s ready to upload to Amazon  or a similar platform. Then you realise there are thousands of new titles uploaded every week.

What can you do to make your book stand out?

Design a good cover.

Statistics show that a well…

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Publishing Workshops at MONA

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Writers,educators, journalists, designers and bloggers: turn your self-publishing idea into reality at Hobart’s world famous MONA gallery. Join Adobe guru Dr Tim Kitchen, author and Adobe education leader Susan Bell, artist Julianne Clifford and professional photographer Brett Kent in a series of workshops to help your project stand out in a competitive industry.


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When Dreamworks Came to Stanley: Dispatches from Tasmania

The latest book from Midlifexpress columnist Susan Bell is now available on Amazon Kindle.
The following post is taken from the introduction.

This book is a collection of articles about living and travelling in Tasmania and includes some of the more controversial issues facing the state such as the fight against logging…

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Why traditional publishers are sleepwalking into oblivion

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Rob is a successful writer and publisher.

I met him at one of my self-publishing workshops where I teach people how to convert print books into eBooks.

Rob became an independent publisher after his manuscript was rejected by every major Australian publisher.

Undeterred, he bought a professional binder and printer and made paperback copies of his book. Pretty soon he’d sold eight…

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3 steps to self-publishing success

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I run workshops on how to self-publish.

At every workshop, usually within the first ten minutes, I’m asked this question: If everyone self-publishes, then won’t readers be swamped with crap?

I respond by asking all those in attendance if they’ve ever read a bad book.

Everyone nods.

I then point out that it’s traditional publishers like Penguin, Random House and Harper…

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The writers’ guide

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With the Stanley Self-Publishing Writers’ Retreat starting next Friday, we have collated some of our best writing articles.

In this short writers’ guide is a collection of articles offering tips on how to use InDesign, write from essence, make money on Kindle, and more.

And if you happen to be in North West Tasmania next weekend, why not come along and…

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Beat Street Print Edition

Beat Street is now available in print.

The print edition contains the original eBook interviews with Russell Crowe, Hugo Weaving and Annie Sprinkle with bonus material including celebrity reincarnation, whether Kim Kardashian is a modern fertility goddess and how rock stars can be history teachers.

And, if you buy a print book you get the Kindle edition free.

The same…

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The wonderful Ursula Le Guin

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Ursula Le Guin provides another reason as to why self-publishing is the best option for authors.

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Self-publish your way to a writers’ utopia

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Recently, the highly successful self-published author Hugh Howie wrote an article for Salon magazine  in which he outlined the immense benefits of self-publishing.

Especially exciting news for self-publishers, he says, is that they retain exclusive ownership of their work, which means they’ll keep profiting from their books for as long as they live. Also, their titles need never disappear from…

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TasRes Digital Design Retreat

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Have you ever wanted to learn technology skills while relaxing in a pristine environment?

TasRes Art and Technology offers a unique five-day residential retreat that teaches you how to use digital design software to enhance your creative portfolio.

This digital design feast includes workshops in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Premiere Pro.

Mix with fellow creatives as you learn how to…

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Ten reasons to avoid award winning books

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Recently, one of my students told me he avoids all films that win a Sundance award.

And I agree because this independent film festival — established by Robert Redford in the late 1970s — has had its fair share of obscure stinkers.

Does anyone remember the 2010 Grand Jury winner Obselidia? No? Then maybe you recall (or…

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The Doug Anthony Allstar returns

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Tim Ferguson was once a Doug Anthony Allstar.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s this popular Australian comedy trio thrilled audiences with a mixture of songs, schoolboy humour and pranks. They were high energy, confronting and if you attended their live shows you risked becoming the object of their jokes.

The trio had onstage personas that…

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