Two ways to deal with a whole-life crisis

My feeling is that it’s a whole-life crisis, although midlife is ripe for it.

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The datti: Money in reverse

Anyone can make this little beauty.

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A link to your enlightenment

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If meditation appeals to you but scheduling a regular session never happens, then click on the link below. It will propel you to an excellent reddit comment on the practical benefits of this ancient spiritual practice.

Meditation is a healthy habit to oblige at any age and midlife is particularly amenable to its call. It stills the mind, calms the body…

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Myers-Briggs your way to a new midlife career

My favourite personality typology is the Enneagram. My next favourite is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and I love the way it hones in on suitable careers for each personality type. If the Enneagram is a psychology of the spirit, then the MBTI is a psychology of the workplace. It’s by far the most accurate pointer…

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In the dark, Fido knows you can’t see him

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When the lights went out, the canines stole food.

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Five fabulous writing blogs to boost your prose

This post will interest anyone who wants to improve their writing.

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Senza Trucco: No make-up for these wine-makers

Four fabulous Italian women who make organic and biodynamic wines.

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The Enneagram: A psychology of the spirit

The most powerful personality typology I know is the Enneagram.

I’ve been using its wisdom for twenty-two years and its capacity to expose my unconscious habits, untapped talents and basic motivations is extraordinary.

The word derives from the Greek ennea  (nine) and gram (model) and, as its name suggests, it’s a model of human development that comprises…

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