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You won’t find this at Google!

In a previous post I lambasted the pretentious language of job advertisements – especially the ridiculous  blurbs from technology companies.

This week’s doozy is from Google, a corpulent company whose slogan ‘Do no evil’ is surely something Aslan would say over tea and scones before a Narnian battle.

Google is advertising for a Food Experience Design Manager. In layman’s terms, this means it wants a café supervisor and the successful applicant must have a university degree and an interior design qualification to dish out sausage and mash to 50,000 employees.

Google wants its employees to enjoy ‘social serendipity’ as they dine. It also wants to ensure that the ‘customer journey at Google’s food venues reflects the food team’s mission.’

I guess people with multiple degrees are the only candidates who know how to run a cafe.

I thought common sense and an understanding of how to make food would be adequate but maybe you’re expected to complete a bit of coding on the side.

Ultimately, Google has a reputation to uphold. This means even its café managers are expected to be geniuses.

Here’s the link if you need a laugh:

Google Job

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