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Why we need more sunshine in our lives

Since prehistoric times, we’ve grown and developed with the sun. Now, in a vain attempt to counter the increased risk of skin cancers  — particularly melanoma — we are depriving our children of all contact with the sun. Kids in schools are covered head to toe with clothing at all times, and…

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Why our food is making us sick

A big reason many of us are so sick is the purity of our food.

That is, most foods we eat these days are too pure.

A diet of sea salt or rock salt has many trace elements, but purified salt (pure Sodium Chloride) may contribute to high blood pressure and kidney failure.

Fats and sugars are also…

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Human health sniffles towards Bethlehem

As human health worsens in all directions, our answer is to spend billions of dollars on cures for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autism and ADHD,  the last two of which are now epidemics in the young.

Modern drug treatment is a (very) expensive sham. Our aim should be prevention of illness…

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Why cannabis should be used in cancer treatment

Robert Gosstray discusses the benefits of using cannabis rather than expensive drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies in the treatment of cancer.

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Why the diet industry is a big fat rip-off

We are genetically programmed to be of certain shape.

Big, small, large bones, small bones, fat, chunky, lumpy, obese, skinny, slender or skeletal and from birth it depends on how much junk food and sugary drinks it takes to get an individual fat.

The fattest people are now in America, followed closely by Australia (as…

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Save money on health products and suck on a tree instead

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Health-related advertising by sports stars, all with an unquenchable thirst for more money and an unquenchable lack of knowledge about the products, is at a peak.

This is what washed-up cricketers, swimmers and footballers advertise on TV, radio and in newspapers:

Krill everything

Super krill oil, red krill oil, osteo krill oil, wild krill…

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Peak advertising of harmful products is here


Advertising of harmful substances has reached a peak

I have tackled this problem before, but the continuing promotion of grog, cigarettes, good dope, bad dope, gambling, medicines fake and real, and gigantic, sterilised sporting events played by rich robots have reached a peak.

Advertising has reached a screaming crescendo. Newspapers, TV, radio, and every sporting…

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Why we need a new attitude to cancer

All cells have finite life spans—they grow, live and die

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