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The sit down/stand back up longevity test that will surprise you

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The yogis say there’s nothing wrong with death and that it’s part of life.

Which is fine, of course, until it’s your turn.

And maybe that’s why yogis invented yoga in the first place — to stave off death for as long as possible and make the rest of us look like…

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How to be an oxytocin love rat

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It’s 12.25pm and I’ve given two hugs today. Three if I count my dog.

I need to give five more.

This is because hugging floods me with oxytocin.

And if I hug you — or your dog — it will boost your oxytocin too.

Your health will improve. Your mood will improve.

I know this because Dr Paul…

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How yoga can save you from looking like Quasimodo

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Yoga is the best all-round movement that resists gravity and helps prevent or heal most age-associated degenerative conditions.
                       ~ Dr Joan Vernikos, former NASA life scientist
Years ago, I saw an old woman at the supermarket who stooped so badly she could hardly see where she was going.

It looked painful.


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Yoda’s Top 5 casting tips for believable mid-life women in Star Wars 8

In a post that’s gone viral, Sue Bell ponders the youthfulness of Carrie Fisher’s face in The Force Awakens and wonders why aging is such a scary on-screen prospect. And we all know it’s an aging woman that scares us the most.

So Disney, be a good sport and let Carrie…

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Why John and Mary can’t read and write and spell

Twelve years ago I was shocked to find I had no idea how to teach anyone to read and write and spell.

For most people this would be no reason to panic. But it was for me because I was in my final year of teacher training.

Incredibly, I’d spent nearly four…

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Why job hunting has become a farce

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Recently, I applied for a customer service job with a large corporation and was shocked by how much effort it takes to secure the simplest of jobs these days. It’s farcical.

In 1979, I applied to be a clerical assistant with this same corporation, although in those days it was a…

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Why Pilates can also be Yoga

Pilates is Yoga. And so is washing the dishes and taking out the rubbish. And sitting in a yoga class with your legs wrapped around your ears.

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Why Emperor Marcus Aurelius was a yogi

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Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote a book called Meditations, and what a gem it is. Oprah needs to stick it in her book club. So what if it’s two thousand years old.

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How to wake up in bed with your guru

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Years ago, I lived with my friend Lynne who worked as a medical receptionist for a physician I’ll call Dr B.

She told me about a brief conversation between a distressed patient and Dr B. that I’ve never forgotten.

“I don’t know who I am,” said this patient to Dr B.

“But the answer’s simple”,  he replied. ”You’re Jane D. and you live at 55 Rose Street, Palookaville.”


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Thought. Just drop it

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Here’s a non-thought-provoking post from Claire Bell’s new blog

The beauty of advertising is that people much smarter than me get paid a fortune to concoct clever catchphrases I can pinch for my yoga classes.

All I have to do is tweak them a bit and I sound as wise and deep as Obi Wan…

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The Romantic

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The Romantic is a woman in search of a soul mate. She longs for someone with whom she can wholeheartedly share a deep psychological and spiritual bond.

The Romantic looks hopefully and tirelessly for that special  person who will provide the basis for a committed, life-long partnership.

The Romantic’s quest for this special person means they either work to…

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Two ways to deal with a whole-life crisis

My feeling is that it’s a whole-life crisis, although midlife is ripe for it.

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Joe Bageant: A heck of a redneck writer

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There are writers and there are writers and then there’s Joe Bageant.

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Why writers are in trouble and what we can do about it

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Editors are swamped with manuscripts from a growing army of writers.

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How to start a gift circle and rebuild community

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The gift economy represents a shift from consumption to contribution.

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Why there’s no better time to keep chickens

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It’s nearly Christmas and there’s an outbreak of bird flu in Australia.

This means an egg shortage.

Sadly, it also means 400,000 hens have been destroyed so far in an effort to contain the virus.

It’s all pretty distressing but it’s motivated me to keep chooks again in the New Year.

I love these creatures.

I love the friendly…

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Why I hate bras

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It turns out bra burning in the sixties never happened.

But after what I’ve just learned about bras, I wish it had.

Recently, I read about a 15-year French study that concludes bras are of no benefit to women and that they may even be harmful over time

Bras, say the researchers, are a ”false…

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What everybody ought to know about telomeres

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Anxiety and stress are bad for telomeres

I bet the Dalai Lama has healthy telomeres but I don’t know about the rest of us because a recent study suggests chronic anxiety and stress shortens our lives by shortening our telomeres.

A brief telomere explication

Each of our cells contains a nucleus;
Inside this nucleus are our chromosomes;
Our genes…

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Plants, birds, rocks and Jamie Oliver: Shipping out to a desert vision fast

A Vision Fast is a rite of passage.

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Why I will not buy a house in today’s property nightmare

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Australia’s property market is bonkers.

Nothing makes sense.

Everyone’s pretending we’re not in a bubble. But we are.

For instance, a decade ago house prices were generally over-quoted and people offered the vendor several thousand dollars less than the asking price. Now, a house advertised at $445,000 will sell for over one hundred thousand dollars more than…

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