Shaker Maker – Is there an app for that?

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shaker maker step by step
When I was a kid I got a much wanted ‘Shaker Maker’ for Christmas. A Shaker Maker was a kit consisting of moulds into which was poured a  disgusting liquid. Over several days, the liquid set and, once dried, you could paint the figurines. Shaker Makers are extinct now as are an increasing number of board games, toys and fluffy animals.

According to a survey conducted by Neilsen, children aged between 6 and 12 want their Christmas stockings stuffed with Apple products, particularly the iPad, iPod touches and iPhones.

It appears that Santa has already stocked up on iPad minis to distribute, with Apple announcing they had sold 3 million since its release late last month.

The era of Shaker Makers and cheap presents for kids is now a quaint memory, fading alongside sepia photographs in dusty photo albums.

I’ve no doubt you can create a digital version of Shaker Maker characters that you can paint with a piece of software and print out on a 3D printer. But you won’t get the texture or the smell of the grungy mixture and the thrill of waiting for it to set –  unless, of course,  there is an app for that too!

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