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Lisa Haas explains how she deconstructs thrift shop items to create a new range of clothing. 

All in a day’s op shopping…

Okay, so I’m a little bit of an op shop fanatic – any opportunity (no pun intended) and I’m there. Anyhow the other day I was off on a little adventure and first stop happened to be a local Red Cross Shop.

Let me digress – I am mostly on the lookout for materials to make a range of retro inspired pieces using (not so easy to find) old tea towels and table cloths – not just any ones however, even though they may be dated my requirement is for those in mint condition.  My other look out is for clothing constructed from linen, which I deconstruct to make various home ware items.

Just inside the door of already mentioned op shop was the ubiquitous $2 rack and there, amongst other items, was a long dress in an interesting navy fabric featuring creamy coloured flowers. Not my cup of tea but I could sense definite remake potential.  I was thinking maybe a top and a skirt while I was at it. Duly purchased for $2.

Onwards and upwards the next stop in a town 50 odd k’s away, this time a classic ‘vinnies’ (St Vincent de Paul) store. My luck was in when I spotted a pair of $5 jeans. I had recently noticed a pair of slim fit, just above the knee shorts in a fashion chain’s summer catalogue and the jeans I found were perfect for a remodel.  Also in this store I came across a beautiful pale pink, one hundred percent linen, caftan style top for just $1. This would do for some kind of repurpose, surely. As it turns out, this item ended up staying just as it was after a wash and careful iron.

Finally, and one more ‘vinnies’ later, a very cute woollen tunic top with graffiti style patterning that just needed a slight adjustment to make it wearable. So $11.50 later, a bit of an adventure plus some time on the sewing machine and I have a new top and skirt for summer, a pair of fitted denim shorts, a pale pink linen top and a tunic style, long line top which will be great over a long sleeved T and leggins.

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