Meet the seven female archetypes


Who are the seven female archetypes?

The seven archetypes are the powerful, symbolic ways in which women experience midlife.

How do I find my archetype?

It’s easy.

Do our quiz and then click on the link to your type where you’ll find a wealth of information relevant to the archetype that’s calling you on your life journey.

Already know your archetype? 

Then dive straight in.Click on your type to find articles, books, videos and heaps of other resources especially suited to the needs of your archetype.

How can they help me?

When we identify our archetype and bring it to conscious awareness:

    • We meet our inner world.
    • New ways of thinking and being become possible.
    • We discover hidden talents.
    • We explore new paths.
    • Our lives feel richer and deeper.
    • We become more creative.
    • We’re challenged to live more adventurously.
    • Download a copy of our free interactive vegetarian recipe book

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